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LED T5 Lighting Fixtures

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Upgrade your lighting with our high-quality LED T5 lighting fixtures. These energy-efficient fixtures provide bright and uniform illumination, perfect for any residential or commercial space. Say goodbye to flickering lights and high energy bills, and experience the long-lasting performance of LED technology. Shop now and transform your space with our reliable and stylish LED T5 lighting fixtures.


  • Sold individually.
  • 42 super bright SMD LEDs in each fixture.
  • Connect up to 25 fixtures end-to-end using the included extension adaptor.
  • Set includes one LED fixture, one 6' power cord, one extension adaptor, and two mounting clips.
  • Size: 7/8" wide by 1 3/8" tall by 17" long.
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, and White.
  • Power draw per color:
           Blue and White are 2.3 Watt, 0.05 Amps.
           Green ia 2.5 Watt, 0.05 Amps.
           Red is 1.8 Watt, 0.05 Amps.
  • 120 Volt.


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