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Lighting Parts and Accessories

At Action Lighting, we believe that diversity of choice is always a wonderful thing. That’s why we have many different lighting parts and accessories to choose from. You’ll find replacement light pins, sockets, fuses, splitters, and more—all of which ensure your existing lights and lighting systems function properly. We even carry conversion socket adapters, ensuring that any larger bulbs you have your eye on will be compatible with your existing (or future) lighting system.

Whatever replacement lighting parts and accessories you need to keep your lights up and running throughout the year, you can find them all right here in our online inventory!

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  • Candelabra Base Socket Candelabra Base Socket Dimensions

    Candelabra / E12 Base Bakelite Pin Socket (216SK-974-2)

    Looking for a reliable and durable Candelabra / E12 Base Bakelite Pin Socket? Look no further! Our high-quality socket is made from sturdy bakelite material, ensuring long-lasting performance. Perfect for your candelabra bulbs, this socket provides a...

    MSRP: $72.10
  • Mounting Clip to hold Candelabra base Sockets in place

    Candelabra Base Mounting Clip (216SK/974CLIP)

    Shop our selection of candelabra base mounting clips for easy installation and secure attachment of your candelabra bulbs. Find the perfect clip to fit your needs and ensure a hassle-free lighting experience. PRODUCT FEATURES: 25 per pack. Spring steel...

    MSRP: $14.80
  • 3-Way Splitter

    3-Way Splitter (100SLA3WAY)

    Looking for a reliable 3-way splitter? Our 3-Way Splitter is the perfect solution for dividing your audio or video signals with ease. With high-quality construction and excellent signal transmission, this splitter ensures seamless connectivity between...

    MSRP: $4.00
  • Mounting Clip to hold intermediate base sockets in place

    Intermediate Base Mounting Clip (216SK/731CLIP)

    Looking for a reliable and sturdy mounting clip for your intermediate base? Our Intermediate Base Mounting Clip is the perfect solution. Designed to securely hold your intermediate base in place, this clip offers easy installation and durability. Shop...

    MSRP: $13.40
  • Medium Base Brown Bakelite Sign Socket

    MEDIUM BASE SOCKET - Pack(25pc) - 216SK-732-1

    Looking for a reliable and versatile lighting solution? Our Medium Base Socket Pack is just what you need. With high-quality construction and compatibility with a wide range of bulbs, this pack offers convenience and durability. Whether you're replacing...

    MSRP: $67.50
  • 12 Gauge 4ft Power Cord w/ Ground 18 Gauge 4ft Power Cord w/ Ground

    4', 6' Power Cord With Ground - 110 Volt (204CPOWER)

    Shop our selection of 4' and 6' power cords with ground, perfect for connecting your devices to a 110-volt power source. Ensure safety and reliability with these high-quality cords. PRODUCT FEATURES: 4' power lead with grounded male plug. 18/3 SJTW...

    $7.99 - $13.99

    Wire Stripper & Cutter Tool (215WTOOL)

    Looking for a reliable wire stripper and cutter tool? Look no further! Our wire stripper and cutter tool is designed to effortlessly strip and cut wires of various sizes, making your electrical projects a breeze. With its durable construction and...

    MSRP: $12.50
  • Sockit Dry Box  Connection Box In Use Sockit Dry Box Connection Box Sockit Dry Box Connection Box Features Sockit Box Dry Connection Box Features Sockit Box Dry Connection Box Locking Lid

    Sockit Outdoor Dry Box (215BOX)

    Protect your valuable belongings from the elements with the Sockit Outdoor Dry Box. Designed to keep your items safe and dry, this durable and weatherproof storage solution is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're camping, hiking, or boating,...

    $17.99 - $33.99
  • 3' Marquee Bulb Extension Cable (227SMDCAB-EXT) Cable 3' Marquee Bulb Extension Cable (227SMDCAB-EXT) Plug

    3' Marquee Bulb Extension Cable (227SMDCAB-EXT)

    Shop our 3' Marquee Bulb Extension Cable for easy and convenient installation of your marquee lights. Extend the reach of your bulbs with this high-quality cable, perfect for weddings, parties, and events. Get the flexibility you need to create stunning...

  • Convert Medium Base (E26/E27) to Mogul Base (E39/E40) Convert Medium Base (E26/E27) to Mogul Base (E39/E40) Convert Medium Base (E26/E27) to Mogul Base (E39/E40) - Side View

    E39 Mogul to E27 medium Base Conversion Socket Adaptor

    Looking to convert your E39 mogul base socket to an E27 medium base? Our E39 Mogul to E27 Medium Base Conversion Socket Adaptor is the perfect solution. Easily and conveniently transform your lighting fixtures without the need for any complicated...

    MSRP: $5.30
  • Inline Fuse Holder - Sold in Bags of 5pc 10 Amp Inline Fuse Holders (223FUSE-INLINE)

    10 Amp Inline Fuse Holders (223FUSE-INLINE)

    Looking for reliable and durable 10 Amp inline fuse holders? Look no further! Our selection of 10 Amp inline fuse holders is designed to provide maximum protection for your electrical circuits. With easy installation and a secure fit, these fuse holders...

    MSRP: $12.70
22 of 22 Items