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CAMALEON Cabochon 360 LED Fixture - Small

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The CAMALEON Cabochon 360 LED Fixture - Small is a versatile lighting solution that offers 360-degree illumination. With its compact size, this fixture is perfect for any space that requires focused and efficient lighting. Whether you need to highlight a specific area or create a vibrant ambiance, the CAMALEON Cabochon 360 LED Fixture - Small is the ideal choice. Explore its endless possibilities and transform your space with this innovative lighting solution.


  • Sold individually, choose color and voltage above.
  • 12 super bright SMD LEDs per fixture, 8 on front/4 on back.
  • LED type: SMD 3528.
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Warm White, and Yellow.
  • Replacement for Turbo type fixtures - same size socket hole, no need to re-drill.
  • Durable smooth color plastic cover.
  • Weatherproof and vibration resistant.
  • Energy efficient and long life.
  • 1 Watt.
  • A controller is required to create chasing and flashing patterns. See our controllers.
  • Diameter: 35MM.
  • Hole Size: 20mm, 0.75".
  • Widely respected Camaleon Brand.


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