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MeshTek 72 Watt High Output RGBW Wall WasherLED Flood Light (227LEDMTWW/72)

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Enhance your space with the MeshTek 72 Watt High Output RGBW Wall Washer LED Flood Light. This powerful and versatile lighting solution offers stunning color options and a wide beam angle, perfect for illuminating large areas. With its durable construction and energy-efficient design, this wall washer LED flood light is a must-have for any outdoor or indoor lighting project. Transform your space with vibrant and customizable lighting effects, all controlled with ease. Upgrade to the MeshTek 72 Watt High Output RGBW Wall Washer LED Flood Light and experience the ultimate in lighting innovation.


  • 24 OSRAM 30,000 hour high class RGBW LED's
  • High Lumens output for each color with HyperLux
  • Strong and durable metal finish for long lasting applications
  • Energy efficient and maintenance free
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Daisy chain weather proof connections
  • 24VDC input power supply 227LEDMT-P24 (sold separately)
  • Bluetooth RGBW-PWM Controller needed 227LEDMT-CTLR (sold separately)
  • Control via smartphone with IOS, Android, and web app via gateway
  • Color temp range - 2000k - 7500K
  • 4 in 1 RGBW high power - 16 million colors
  • Black Die-Cast aluminum
  • IP66

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