G50 E17 Impact Resistant Intermediate Base LED Patio/Bistro/Sign Bulbs (227LEDG5017/WWP)

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  • E17 Single LED Filament RetroFit Bulb
  • E17 Single LED Filament RetroFit Bulb with Dimensions


These G20 E17 LED impact resistant intermediate base patio, bisto, and sign bulbs are sold individually and come with super bright LEDs in bulb. These are dimmable, come with durable impact resistant plastic globes. They rated for indoor/outdoor use and are energy efficient and have long bulb life.


  • Sold individually.
  • Super bright LEDs in each bulb.
  • Dimmable bulbs.
  • E17 intermediate nickel base.
  • Durable impact resistant plastic globes.
  • Colors: Warm White.
  • Energy efficient and long life.
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use.
  • 120 Volt, .8 Watt.


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