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Ways to Decorate With Lights for the Fourth of July

Ways to Decorate With Lights for the Fourth of July

5th Jun 2020

Light is an intrinsic part of Fourth of July celebrations. Among the first images that come to mind when you think of the holiday are fireworks. But you can also illuminate the night with some red, white, and blue LED lights. We describe some ways to decorate with lights for the Fourth of July in your home.

Arrange Them Around the Entryway

You could begin by decking out the front entryway. You can spread lights over and around bushes that line the walkway in a style reminiscent of Christmas, but which distinguishes itself with patriotic Fourth of July colors. Another option for you is to line the borders of your door and other areas, such as the windows and garage, with string lights. They will give your home energetic form after the sun sets and add to the jovial atmosphere of your neighborhood.

Give the Living Room a Spark

Don’t focus all your attention on only the outside, though. Your living room is a prime location for decorative lights indoors, since it’s most likely central to your activities in the house. You could place small star-shaped lights on the mantel or a shelf to form the right kind of celebratory imagery for the holiday. Arranging lights into a representation of the American flag on one of the walls is an additional way to decorate with lights for the Fourth of July and gives you space to flex your creativity.

Let the Backyard Glow

You’ll more than likely spend some time out in the backyard to view the shimmering bangs of pyrotechnics sent into the sky by neighbors while shooting off a few of your own. Make a nice accompanying backdrop to your activities by placing red, white, and blue rope lights around your back patio, outlining the main borders and railings there. This will allow you to turn off the main lights that are attached to the house, which may detract from the fireworks because they are too bright. Rope lights provide a smaller degree of light to illuminate the area without hampering your enjoyment of the sky.