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Ideas to Light Up Your Next Event

Ideas to Light Up Your Next Event

15th May 2020

Although your freedom to go about is restricted at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still plan ahead for events that you want to organize for the future. Whether it’s for business, social reasons, or some other purpose, you will need a strong lighting arrangement to illuminate the space. These are a few ideas to light up your next event to make your gathering truly shine.


If you’re familiar with the Bat Signal that calls Batman when he’s needed, you’ll understand gobos. They are a type of light that shoots a beam onto any surface, such as the wall or floor. In front of the light source, you can fix a plate with a distinct shape of your choosing. The spot that the light projects will then show that shape. Gobos are perfect for enhancing your event’s theme and acting as a creative, eye-catching way to incorporate logos.


Uplighting is not necessarily a light type, but rather a technique for making light cast upwards against a wall. As opposed to lights that form a single point only, uplighting gives you a nice spread of brightness and color that can transform a venue’s look. It’s used with great results in a room that might look too bland or bare; uplighting can add some much-needed dimension.

Tent Lights

An idea to light up your next event that will work well in an outdoor setting is the use of party tent lights. These lights have many bulbs that are connected together on a string that can be draped and wrapped around whatever you choose. As their name implies, they work well when hung from an outdoor tent’s posts, though you could put them on some other framework as well. Tent lights will beautifully brighten your event as the sun goes down.