How to Decorate Your Office for St. Patrick’s Day

How to Decorate Your Office for St. Patrick’s Day

Befuddled about how to show some spirit at your workplace on March 17th? Don’t worry! Here are some tips on how to decorate your office for St. Patrick’s Day.

Put Out Green Accessories

Brighten up your office with a plethora of simple, green decorations that you can add to existing areas. For example, you can stick paper four-leaf clover cutouts on the walls and cubicle separators. Or perhaps hang a banner of paper clovers up high. You could also place framed art prints on desks and tables that have shamrocks and some festive phrases on them. Green balloons can top off the cheery atmosphere.

Bring in Food

You might not think of food as a decoration, but it can improve the look and feel of the office, as well as give a boost to everyone who indulges. Bring in sweet treats like cupcakes topped off with St. Patrick’s Day-appropriate frosting or gold-wrapped chocolate coins and set them out in the break room or an area where people can see them. These kinds of desserts will not only taste great, but they’ll also invigorate the office by contributing some green and shiny gold to the decorations you’ve already put up.


Lights are most often associated with Christmas. However, the right kinds of lights can amp up the celebratory air in the office—without going too over the top. Consider wrapping strings of green lights around desks or putting them on the walls. You can also get St. Patrick’s Day lights shaped like shamrocks that you could place anywhere easily and even stick on smooth surfaces, such as glass, by using suction cups. Lights will contribute a wonderful glimmer to whatever part of the office you add them to.

Contact Action lighting today if you want to use lights in your St. Patrick’s Day office decorating. We stock LED lights that fit perfectly into the holiday’s theme.

10th Feb 2020

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