Easy Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

Easy Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family or significant other. You can get into the holiday spirit by changing up some of your home’s décor. Here are some easy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Place Down Flowers

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than flowers, and there are so many ways you can include them in your home. Gather some pink, red, and violet blossoms in a bouquet to bring color to your tabletops, mantle, and counters. Select vases that complement the theme, or which let the flowers shine unhindered, such as those made of glass. You could even attach them to the walls or doors around your house in pretty arrangements.

Add a Throw Pillow

A simple way to decorate accordingly for the day is to add or swap out the throw pillows on your chairs and sofa. Find ones with fitting Valentine’s Day words like “love,” or ones that have heart-shaped patterns stitched on. This small change can transform your seating area into one that has just the right amount of a festive mood—without going overboard.

Set Out Candy

Another hallmark of the day of romance is candy. You can utilize this to your advantage in your home adornments by setting small chocolates or other candies out in glass-lidded containers or bowls which visitors can easily take from. You could even consider the foil and other wrappings that package the candy in your decorating. Pleasing combinations of silvers, whites, and reds can make your glass vessels even more coordinated with your other embellishments.

Put Up Lights

String light decorations may have originated with Christmas, but today, it has spread to cover other holidays as well. Valentine’s Day decorating can benefit from the warm sparkling of lights, whether you wrap them around objects in your house or find ones that are specifically shaped for the occasion. Again, the classic colors of pink and red work well here, especially in combination with white as a muted contrast to the louder hues. If you want to incorporate lights into your home accessorizing this year, Action Lights has a wide range of general-use varieties, as well as some valentine lights made just for the day. Call us today to find out more.

7th Jan 2020

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