DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Many can surely agree that the most exciting part of Christmas is the decorations. Pulling them out of the attic each year is a special occasion, and your house will receive a temporary makeover. While it’s fun to shop for your decorations, creating your own can offer even more joy. Whether you decorate by yourself, or you have crafty children to help, DIY Christmas decorations provide a creative way to celebrate the season. We put together a list of some unique and easy-to-make DIY decorations.

Mason Jars

  • Paint a mason jar with Christmas colors, and use it as a votive for tea lights. Don’t use paint that’s too opaque, as you want the flame the show through.
  • Create a cheerful Christmas scene by gluing miniature trees and a snowman to the bottom of a mason jar. Add some fake snow and water to make your very own snow globe.
  • Put some holly or mistletoe in a mason jar for a fun centerpiece to put on your table.
  • Tie a festive ribbon around a mason jar, and put candy in it for guests.


  • Put Christmas lights in a lantern to create a soft, flameless glow.
  • Make a wreath made entirely of lights to hang on your door.
  • Use commercial Christmas light displays to create a fun Christmas scene in your yard.
  • Arrange string lights on your wall in the shape of a tree.


  • Hang a string of pine garland on your stair rail, and use it as an advent calendar. Add a new ornament each day of December.
  • Wrap some garland around candles to add an extra festive feeling to fun scents.
  • Utilize nature, and string pinecones together to use them as the garland on your tree.

Old Sweaters

  • Cut a pattern out of a sweater, and make your own stocking.
  • Wrap sweater material around ball ornaments to add some texture.
  • Create your own wine bottle cozies.
  • Cut circles out of old sweaters, and use them as creative placemats.
22nd Oct 2019

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