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4 Circuit Mechanical Chaser - Model 66 (204CH/MEC66-C4)

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Looking for a high-performance mechanical chaser? Check out the 4 Circuit Mechanical Chaser - Model 66. This cutting-edge model offers four circuits for enhanced functionality and precision. Experience the thrill of chasing and capturing targets with ease. Upgrade your game with the Model 66 and dominate the competition.


  • Proudly Made In The USA.
  • UL and cUL listed.
  • 4 circuit mechanical chaser.
  • 9,200 Watt total capacity.
  • 430 flashes per minute with shades on.
  • 250 flashes per minute with shades off.
  • When operated with shades on, contacts are rated at 12.5 Amps each.
  • When operated with shades off, contacts are rated at 20 Amps each.
  • Heavy duty silver alloy contacts for maximum life span.
  • Sheilded, no-maintenance ball bearings guard against dust and moisture.
  • Rustproof treatment of all steel components.
  • Sturdy construction provides years on smooth, trouble free mechanical operation.
  • Special note: flashing speed can be easily adjusted by removing motor shades using a screw driver. As shades are removed the flashing speed decreases.
  • 115 Volt, 50/60 cycles.


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