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2", 3"- 4", 5"- 6" Tent Lighting Mounting Clamp Brackets

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Shop our selection of tent lighting mounting clamp brackets in various sizes including 2", 3"-4", and 5"-6". These sturdy and versatile brackets are perfect for securely attaching lighting fixtures to tents, ensuring a well-lit and safe environment for any event or outdoor gathering. Browse our range now and find the perfect clamp brackets for your tent lighting needs.


  • Sizes: 2", 3"- 4", and 5"- 6".
  • Each clamp has a durable White powder coated finish.
  • Each clamp has an inside protective liner.
  • Each clamp includes a set screw for additional support and adjustment.
  • These clamps also have required mounting arms needed to attach lighting, 100TENT-MNTARM.


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