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"X" Connector for High Output Flexible SMD LED Light Strip - 227SMDTL-XCON

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Looking for a reliable connector for your high output flexible SMD LED light strip? Look no further than the 227SMDTL-XCON. This connector is designed to provide a secure and efficient connection, ensuring optimal performance for your LED light strip. Don't compromise on quality, choose the 227SMDTL-XCON for seamless connectivity and brilliant lighting effects.

"X" Connectors for Flexible SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LED Light Strip 

LED strip lighting is the newest lighting solution available and is our most versatile product yet. Because each roll can be cut every 2 inches, this product can be custom fit to any job!


  • Easy Quick X Connector for 10mm Flexible SMD Lighting Strips - see 227SMDTL Flex Strips
  • 227SMDTL-CON is needed to complete the connection
  • Price Above is for Each