Sockit Outdoor Dry Box (215BOX)

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  • Sockit Dry Box  Connection Box In Use
  • Sockit Dry Box Connection Box
  • Sockit Dry Box Connection Box Features
  • Sockit Box Dry Connection Box Features
  • Sockit Box Dry Connection Box Locking Lid
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Our SOCKiTBOX was initially designed as a garden accessory for customers using outdoor Christmas lighting. From there it has developed into a global brand, and is now used the world over in many markets. It is easy to understand why. Combining its stylishly simple design with innovative technology, it has grown meteorically since its invention.  We now offer a your choice of green or black. Size has also been considered, as we know full well just how quickly space can be taken up with electrical appliances. Even our smallest size option can house a 4 way gang, ensuring that the SOCKiTBOX can be used for most, if not all outdoor operations. From the average homeowner looking after their garden, to lighting huge company displays, the SOCKiTBOX has you covered!


  • Choose color and size needed above.
  • Weatherproof seals built into each box.
  • PORTABLE & EASY TO USE – No Permanent Installation Required! The Innovative Interlocking Lid Opens Easily & Molds Tightly Around Power Cords When Closed
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION – Features a Super Thick, Durable Plastic Body & Silicone Weatherproof Seal, Gasket & Molding Blocks for a Lifetime of Protection
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use.

 ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Ideal Choice forENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Ideal Choice for a Wide Range of Lawn & Garden Applications Including Holiday & Landscape Lights, Fountains, Power Tools, Etc. a Wide Range of Lawn & Garden


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