RGB Multi-Function Rope Light With Sparkle Effects (206LEDMSPARKLE/RGB)

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These RGB multi-function rope light with sparkle effects are sold individually and have multiple color/effect functions (see the list below). They have an auto setting function that runs through all functions automatically, have an RF remote control included, and each roll comes in a 30' length.


  • Sold Individually.
  • Multi Functions:
         - 7 solid colors: Chase, Fade, Flash White, Flash Out, Steady, and Wave.
         - 6 multi color functions: Chase, Fade, Jump, and Flash White.
  • Auto setting to run through all functions automatically.
  • RF remote control included.
  • 30' roll length.
  • Can connect 3 rolls for a total run length of 90'.
  • Work with our 206LEDMSPARKLE-PWR power cord.
  • 120 Volt, 0.7 Watts per foot.


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