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Mounting Brackets for LED Block Bars - 12 per bag - 227BAR-BKT

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Shop our high-quality mounting brackets for LED block bars. Each bag contains 12 brackets, perfect for securely installing your 227BAR-BKT LED block bars. Ensure a sturdy and professional installation with our reliable mounting brackets.

Mounting Brackets for LED Block Bars - 12 per Bag


  • Sturdy metal clip securely holds bars in place
  • Hole in base of clip for screw or rivet mounting
  • 12 clips per bag (6 fixed & 6 adjustable, see picture above)
  • Use fixed clips (shown right in picture above) for flat/parallel to surface mounting
  • Use adjustable clips (shown left in picture above) for angled/perpendicular mounting, adjustable from 0-90 degrees by bending flange to desired angle
  • For use with 227BLOCK or 227BAR fixtures