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Gray 5 Wire Chasing Belt Light "T" Connector (201BL-GT)

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Enhance your lighting setup with the Gray 5 Wire Chasing Belt Light "T" Connector. This versatile connector allows you to easily create branching connections for your 5-wire chasing belt lights. Designed with functionality in mind, this connector ensures a secure and reliable electrical connection for uninterrupted lighting effects. The gray color seamlessly blends with your lighting arrangement, providing a clean and professional look. With its easy installation and durable construction, the Gray 5 Wire Chasing Belt Light "T" Connector offers a convenient solution for customizing and expanding your lighting designs. Illuminate your space with creativity and precision using this high-quality connector.


  • Sold as individual pieces.
  • Made of gray plastic.
  • 15 Amp capacity.
  • For use with our 5 wire belt lighting.


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