Clip - C9 TuffClip Roof Top Gutter Clip - 100SLATUFF-C9

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Decorators Choice C9 Tuff Clip

The TuffClip is one of the best holiday light clips on the market. Made of durable plastic, the TuffClip is designed to withstand the wear and tear of installation, take-down and harsh weather. The “sandwich style” gutter clip has a 360-degree rotating fastener, which eliminates the hassle of power direction during installation. Once assembled, the TuffClip stays attached to the light socket and can easily be stored until next season. Unlike other clips, the TuffClip does not fall apart and stays with the lights, preventing any clips from being lost or left behind.




  • Above price is for 100pc 
  • Only takes seconds to install lights to the ridge-line of your home 
  • Only install one time. Clips stay attached without fail
  • Clip works on C9 Strings
  • No damage to roof at all!
  • Easy and quick removal for seasonal storage
  • This is our best and most popular clip ever!

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