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Advantages of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

Advantages of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

13th Mar 2020

Deciding when to hold your wedding may be a difficult choice, as different hours come with different benefits and limitations. Many people’s default choice might be the daytime, but there is a compelling case to be made for dusk ceremonies as well. These advantages of an evening wedding ceremony may very well convince you to switch things up and embrace the conclusion of the day as the beginning of your new life together with your spouse.

You Get More Prep Time

There are those early birds who inexplicably rise early, even when it isn’t necessary. If you don’t count yourself among their number, however, an evening wedding might be much more comfortable for you. With a ceremony held later, you’ll have more time to rest and get the final arrangements in order. In other words, no waking up before sunrise for makeup and no rushed photographs before the wedding.

It Feels More Formal

Whether it’s an innate feeling or the result of culture is tough to say, but what is certain is that the evening gives off a more formal air than midday. The same decorations and venue will gain a certain dignity as the light outside dims and the colors of various objects become deeper.

There may be a bonus to this added formality as well in the form of the dress code. Despite your best efforts, it might be challenging to get a few stragglers to turn up in more than an untucked button-up and some khakis around noon. An evening wedding will automatically seem more elegant, though, which may push anyone on the fence to dress up a little more.

It’s More Romantic

In addition to the formal atmosphere, the evening can also be more romantic. The natural darkness means that you can decorate with sophisticated lights and soft candles. The dance floor will also become more of a focal point as it is specially illuminated. Having a ceremony outside will also allow you to enjoy the warmth of the sunset followed by the twinkling of stars in the darkened sky. Just set up a tent equipped with wedding tent lights and you can make a smooth transition from seeing the last of the sun’s rays to a reception that goes on into the night.