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60mm RGB E14 SMD Cabochon Spinner

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Multi Color Auto Spin Cabochon Fixtures. Immerse your space in a kaleidoscope of colors with our 60mm RGB E14 SMD Cabochon Spinner Bulb. Experience dynamic lighting like never before as this LED bulb seamlessly blends RGB technology and a captivating cabochon spinner. With an E14 base, easy installation, and a 60mm size, this bulb transforms any fixture into a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Elevate your ambiance with this versatile and vibrant lighting solution. Explore the world of dynamic illumination with the 60mm RGB E14 SMD Cabochon Spinner Bulb today!

  • Sold individually
  • Auto running, no need for an extra controller
  • Colors: RGB (different colors spinning)
  • Life expectancy 5+ years
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Durable smooth color plastic cover
  • Weatherproof and vibration resistant
  • Energy efficient and long life.
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Base: E14
  • Voltage: 24V
  • 48 super bright SMD LEDs on front per fixture

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