160 Light M5 Commercial LED Christmas Icicle Light Set

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These icicle light sets are made with Warm White steady burn M5 LED bulbs. They use White PVC wire and are indoor/outdoor rated. Boasting 20' of total lighted length and can connect up to 10 light sets end to end. This LED 160 light set will help you cover the needed lengths, vertical and horizontal, to get the job done.


  • Made with White PVC wire.
  • Coaxial end to end connectors.
  • Fused rectified power cord (extra fuse included).
  • Connect up to 10 light sets end to end.
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Horizontal drops spaced every 6" on center.
  • Icicle drops Lengths: 9", 13",and 17", repeating.
  • Bulbs are 4" apart on the vertical drops, 20' total lighted length.
  • 160 Warm White steady burn M5 LED bulbs per set.
  • 10 Watts, 0.10 Amps.



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