SPT1 / SPT2 - Vampire Zip Cord Plugs - Green (100SPTPLUG-GREEN)

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  • SPT 1 / SPT 2 Vampire Plug Options Green
  • SPT 1 Vampire Plug Green Female
  • SPT 1 Vampire Plug Green Males
  • SPT2 Vampire Plug Green Female
  • SPT 2 Vampire Plug Green Male
$9.42 - $10.30


These SPT1 & SPT2 Green vampire zip cord male and female plugs simply snap on to 18 gauge SPT1 and/or SPT2 wire. Also known in the industry as "vampire" plugs, these male and female plugs simply slips over the end of a cut cable and are snapped into place with the covers. When you slide on the cover into place it forces the wire into the "teeth" and makes contact with the internal copper wire and you are good to go! Our "Vampire" plugs are the clear choice for professional installers and will work with our 500' bulk spools of C9 and C7 sockets. Make your own extension cords with as many female receptacles you need, where you need them, using our snap-on male and female plugs. These plugs are also available in Black, Brown, and White, come 12 pieces per bag, and are rated for indoor/outdoor use.


  • 12 pieces per bag.
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use.
  • SPT1 plugs are rated at 7 amps and SPT2 plugs are rated at 10 Amps.
  • Can be used on 18 gauge SPT1 or SPT2 wire.
  • You can add several female plugs in one line to make your own custom spaced extension cord.
  • Also available in Black, Brown, and White.
  • Use with 100SLAWIR1 - SPT1 wire or 100SLAWIR2 - SPT2 wire.
  • Use with 100SLAWIR1 - SPT1 wire or 100SLAWIR2 - SPT2 wire.plug-instruction-sheet.jpg


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6 Reviews

  • 5
    I have no problems with these.

    Posted by Bobby on 12th Nov 2020

    I bought some of the black ones over the last couple of years and was not happy with them at all . Some of the slides broke when putting them on . After a few days some lights would go out and I found that the slides broke . I 've never had but one slide break & it was 4 or 5 years old .

  • 5
    Vampire plugs

    Posted by John on 30th Nov 2019

    These make life so simple in moving or assembling decoration groupings. Push on and move on.

  • 5
    Best Zip Plugs on market

    Posted by Snowman1 on 5th Oct 2019

    These are the best Zip Plugs on the market. Very sturdy and hold up in the Midwest winter season. These are the only type I will use with my Christmas display as I have been disappointed with other brands that I have tried.

  • 5
    SPT-1 Plugs

    Posted by Mitch on 22nd Jun 2018

    Plugs are very easy to install for custom length cords. Just remember to stamp each cord for the next year !! Great price and reasonable shipping.

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed!

    Posted by Walter Czudak on 30th Nov 2017

    Quick and easy to use. Quality is excellent and electrical connections are solid.
    No more searching for for cords that are close t what you need- with these you make exactly what you want. And the fact that you can add female receptacles anywhere along the wire it a huge plus! Ideal for holiday decorating or custom wiring installations. Made putting up my Christmas decorations a snap.
    I'm ordering more just to keep on hand when needed.

    Walter C

  • 5
    Great plugs

    Posted by Scott on 7th Jul 2017

    Used this type for many years work well. Also the female has the de-dent to make it in to a in-line female plug.

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