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One of the most exciting and versatile products in the lighting industry are rope lights. You might be asking yourself “What are rope lights?” Rope lights are a flexible plastic tube with bulbs molded inside the tube. It can be used anywhere. There are also many accessories making it easy to install. 

However, not all rope lights are the same. Action Lighting takes great pride in offering Crown and Crown Premium brand rope lights. Crown brand rope lights are the absolute best quality, longest lasting, and visually appealing rope lights in the industry.   There are numerous reasons why Crown rope lights lead the industry. First, Crown rope lights are manufactured to demanding specifications using the highest quality materials. Crown brand has special additives whose characteristics not only make Crown’s outer tube pressure and static resistant, but also resistant to the harmful effects of UV light when used outdoors. Crown rope light comes in many diameters, colors, and bulb types.   Molded in a flexible PVC tube, it can be bent and manipulated in many ways and cut every 18-36 inches. Action Lighting offers both incandescent and LED Crown rope lights. 

The applications for rope lights are amazingly vast. There are a multitude of accessories offered such as power cords, invisible splice kits, and mounting clips which allow for easy installation. When used indoors it can back light cabinetry, accent light under furniture, or line hallways and stairways to provide illuminated paths for safety. You can wrap it around ceilings and quickly turn a game room into a party room. Outside, you can line decks and paths, and illuminate steps for safety. Rope lights looks great in decorative curbing, landscape displays, and around planter boxes, as it can easily wrap around trees and corners. During the holidays Crown rope lights can make your house the one everyone stops to watch. But that’s not all; put it on your boat or in your RV in the tough spots where there is no light, by using customize lengths, it will fit all your needs. Love sports? Wrap your deck in your favorite team colors. With LED rope light save money and keep your lights on all the time. Your imagination is the only limitation for rope light applications!

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Crown LED Rope Light Crown LED Mini Rope Light LED Chasing Rope Light LED Neon Rope Light Crown Premium Red - White - Blue Rope Light 5 Wire Chasing Rope Light 2 Wire Steady Burn Rope Light 3/8 inch Mini Rope Light 3 Wire Chasing Rope Light

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