Since 1987, Action Lighting has been manufacturing, developing and supplying many of the worlds largest Amusement Parks, Casinos, Carnivals, Museums, Scenery Shops and many other business types, on a year-round basis. We export our products regularly to a worldwide market.

Our bulbs are manufactured under our world renowned  TLR (Technical Lighting Research) brand and continually monitored to meet the rigorious demands of the amusement and carnival industry for longivity and continous abuse. 

We offer the brightest and longest life bulbs on the market at a reasonable cost!

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Flourescent E14 SMD Turbos Bulbs G20 Frosted 11 S14 LED Half Globe LED C7 LED C9 LED Bitsy Bulbs LED G12.5 G 12.5 Bulbs Coin-Op Bulbs LED T7 LED G20 S11 7.5w F15 Deocorator Bulb LED G20 C7 Bulb C9 Bulb S6 Bulb Quartz Halogen LED G30 LED S14 LED TT Towers G8 Bulbs G12 Bulbs LED S11 LED S11 E17 Strobes and Beacons E14 Turbo Bulbs LED G20 Dome LED G20 A19 Bulbs S11 Bulbs LED Par Bulbs LED MR 16 LED G30